High Bar Nationals EP

by Str8face




This is the debut EP from the High Bar Nation residents. Each featured National brings their own style to the collection whilst combining effortlessly with one another on featured tracks. The HBN aim is to restore the BAR to where it once was in the area of quality music, performance and songwriting. The Nationals have set out to achieve their goal on this project and will continue raise the BAR with every track released.

1. Duck Down.

The H.B.N Trio: Str8face leads the Nationals with a clear and stern statement of intent. Spraying rap bars over deadly beats is the group's focus, bringing it to stages in your town is the goal!

2. I Stay On Point.

H.B.N First Lady: Laughta tells you how she does her thing on this infectious song. Staying on point is what being a National is about and in every aspect too. It's also a cheeky reminder for those that think they can pull the wool over her eyes.

3. Get Darker.

The Dark Philosopher: Grymey D takes you on a walk on the other side, it's that side we all have and want to show less of but have to display when things go astray. Str8face passes through to make a similar point from an alternate vantage point.

4. Haters.

The H.B.N Duo: Laughta pays tribute to the Snoop and Dr. Dre's classic with this one and tells you the true story of how people let their envy get the better of them in regard to her life as an aspiring artist. This song is her way of addressing some real life situations encountered, Str8face lends a hand in between verses to re-enact a "hater" and in others to reaffirm the H.B.N motto.

5. Threat.

Hannibal: The return of no nonsense Str8face is what you get on this song. The moral of the story here is simple, there's a reason why the High Bar Nation Boss has so many great musical partnerships with his peers.

6. Hard Bars.

Hard Bars Nation: Laughta reps H.B.N and vice versa, the energy and flow on this song make for a rewind every time it's played. From the intro you know she's going to skip over the thumping beat and there's Str8face acting as hype man responding to her bars.

7. Faded.

The H.B.N Lady Duo: You've all heard the original by Kendrick Lamar now here's the High Bar National's answer to that summer smash! Laughta and Giovanna Jayne tell you all how exactly to get really faded and enjoy a party with them...if you're brave enough!

8. Strangers.

High Bar Rationale: Ever drifted apart from someone you were once very close to? Well Str8face has and he takes you through examples on this track. It also doubles up as a tribute to Hip Hop pioneers De La Soul, strangers aren't just people you don't know...they're also people you know too well!


released February 21, 2013

Written by A.Mordi, N. Fawaz, D.Rodriguez & G.J.Smith

All tracks Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Str8face for High Bar Nation Productions.

All tracks (Except Tracks 7 & 8) Produced by Str8face for High Bar Nation Productions.

Track 7: Produced by T-Minus
Track 8: Produced by De La Soul and Re-produced by Str8face for High Bar Nation Productions.

Twitter: @HighBarNation
Facebook: High Bar Nationals



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Str8face Greenwich, UK

STR8FACE (aka Hannibal) is a UK Hip Hop artist, Producer, Sound Engineer & Song Writer whose influences span all genres of music. First a devoted student of the Hip Hop movement and Philosophy before embarking on creating his own music in 1998. A Yamaha DJX Keyboard was his first tool used for sequencing & sampling before he took to recording & distributing his own music as a full fledged artist. ... more

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